Saturday Endurance/Sprinter Cup Race Notes

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for joining us for this weekend’s races! We have a couple of housekeeping items we’d like to share.

  1. We’re not looking at the weather forecast because we don’t want to call in the jinx. Rest assured, announcements will be made on the website, social media, and via email.
  2. Coffee and snacks from Tim Hortons will be available when we open.
  3. The gate to the complex will open just around 08:00. We hope to have timing strips setup so you can be on the track by 09:00.
  4. All partners for the Endurance Cup have been assigned, no take-backs! 😉
  5. First races will be off around 10:00

If you have any questions or concerns shoot us an email or reach out on FB/Twitter.

EC - Endurance Cup
SC - Sprinter Cup

When What
Sat. 08:00 Doors Open
09:00 License Check & Open Track
10:00 EC - Madison Chase (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Flying Lap (C, then B, then A)
11:30 EC - Madison Time Trial (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Chariot Race (C, then B, then A)
12:30 Lunch & Open Track
13:30 EC - Partner 1 Elimination (C, then B, then A)
  EC - Partner 2 Win & Out (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Handicap Race (C, then B, then A)
15:00 EC - Madison (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Match Sprints (C, then B, then A)
17:00 Podiums

Start times are subject to change, be prepared to remain at the track for most of the day.