Sunday Omnium/Keirin Series Notes

Thanks to everyone for joining us for a beautiful Saturday morning of racing. We will produce the official final results for our Half-of-the-Sixth-Six-Days-Cup (that’s mouthful) later tonight or early on Sunday.

Here are the housekeeping notes for Sunday’s event:

  1. Coffee and snacks from our Tim Hortons partner will be available when the track gates open at 08:00
  2. Open track begins officially at 09:00; could be sooner if timing strips are happy after our Saturday rainfall
  3. Number pinning is mass start left-side
  4. The B’s & C’s have been combined in the Keirin series; technical guide has been updated to describe the format
  5. First race off at 10:00 will be the flying 200’s, this will be used to seed our
  6. The day will conclude with podiums, BBQ, & beer

OM - Omnium
KE - Keirin

When What
Sun. 08:00 Doors Open
09:30 License Check & Open Track
10:00 KE - Flying 200 (B, then A)
  OM - Scratch Races (C, then B, then A)
11:30 KE - 1st Round (B, then A)
  OM - Tempo Races (C, then B, then A)
12:30 Lunch & Open Track
13:30 KE - Repechages (B, then A)
  OM - Elimination Races (C, then B, then A)
14:30 KE - Finals (B, then A)
  OM - Points Races (C, then B, then A)
17:00 Podiums

Start times are subject to change, be prepared to remain at the track for most of the day.