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Register for the Endurance Cup or the Sprinter Cup.

For the Endurance Cup, do your best to declare your teammate during registration.

Don't Have a Teammate?

Don't worry! Register solo and we'll pair you up with someone on either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Ability Levels

There will be three ability levels:

A Category - Men Road Cat 1/2/3
B Category - Men Road Cat 4, Women Road Cat 1/2/3
C Category - Men Road Cat 5, Women Road Cat 3/4/5, Citizens

Choose your level accordingly and consider basing it on your experiences at Track League, etc.

Race Format

The goal of this meet is to have a miniature Six Day event in Alberta. The event will have an endurance cup and a sprinters’ cup; riders will only sign up for one.

Race Day

Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 08:00


To Be Announced


EC - Endurance Cup
SC - Sprinter Cup

When What
Sat. 08:00 Doors Open
09:00 License Check & Open Track
10:00 EC - Madison Chase (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Flying Lap (C, then B, then A)
11:30 EC - Madison Time Trial (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Chariot Race (C, then B, then A)
12:30 Lunch & Open Track
13:30 EC - Partner 1 Elimination (C, then B, then A)
  EC - Partner 2 Win & Out (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Handicap Race (C, then B, then A)
15:00 EC - Madison (C, then B, then A)
  SC - Match Sprints (C, then B, then A)
17:00 Podiums

Start times are subject to change, be prepared to remain at the track for most of the day.

Endurance Cup Details

The endurance cup will be a Team Event. Each team will consist of two riders. Scoring will be done “Laps before Points.” This means that the winning team at the end of the event is the team with the most points on the lead lap. Teams will earn points based on their placement in each event, which will contribute to their total.

Teams that take a lap during an event will not be awarded any points, but will be considered +1 Lap, teams that are lapped will not lose any points, but will be considered -1 Lap. Points are used to rank teams on the same lap.

For example, if Team A is +1 Lap and has 20 points, Team B is +1 Lap with 30 points, and Team C is -1 Lap with 50 points, Team B is in first place, then A, then C.

Madison Chase

This is a Madison Scratch race. The first rider across the line wins for their team.

Category Distance
A 20 minutes + 3 laps
B 15 minutes + 3 laps
C 10 minutes + 3 laps

Madison Kilo

Teams will try to complete a Flying 1000m as fast as possible. One rider will be thrown in at the start, with the second being thrown in approximately half way through.

Elimination + Win & Out

Teams will have to select one rider to compete in the elimination, while the other will have to race the win and out. Who races which event will be determined at the time of the event. A single rider cannot do both events.

We will run a standard elimination race.

Win & Out will consist of a neutral lap, one race lap, and then the bell. The first racer across line after the bell has won. Each subsequent lap is raced for second, third, fourth, etc. until all riders have been placed.


Category Laps Sprint
A 72 12
B 60 10
C 48 8

Subject to change at race organizer discretion.


From the UCI regulations - page 36:


The first team in each intermediate sprint shall be awarded 5 points, the second 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth one point. Points awarded in the last sprint after the full distance will be doubled (10 points, 6 points, 4 points, 2 points).


Where there is a draw on points, the places in the final sprint shall decide.

Any team that gains a lap on the main bunch is awarded 20 points.

Any team that loses a lap on the main bunch is deducted 20 points.

Alberta &frac16 Six Day - Rule Change

Any team that gains a lap on the main bunch is +1 lap.

Any team that loses a lap on the main bunch is -1 lap.

Race procedure


A first group of riders, formed of one rider of each team, take their places at the start. Half of this group shall be lined up along the outside balustrade and the other half shall be lined up in the sprinters’ lane with holders.

A second group of riders, formed of the other riders of each team, shall be lined up along the opposite outside balustrade.

A flying start shall be taken by the first group of riders after one neutralised lap. During the neutralised lap, the second group of riders must remain motionless.


Riders of a same team may relay one another at will by a touch of the hand or the shorts.


Sprints shall be run according to the Regulations governing Sprint.


A team shall be considered to have gained a lap when it catches up with the last rider of the largest bunch. A rider who drops behind the bunch shall not assist chasing rider(s) to gain a lap on the pain of disqualification of his team.

Sprinter Cup Details

The sprinter cup will be an individual omnium event where riders will collect points based on their results on each individual event. The omnium rankings will then determine the pairings for match sprint finals, which will determine the final placement of the riders.

Flying Lap

Riders will complete one lap (333m) as fast as possible from a flying start.


A one lap scratch race from a standing start. Heats will consist of no more than six riders. Riders will be placed in the first heat based on flying lap times. The finals will be based on results from the first heat of chariots.


A 3-lap scratch race from a standing start. Riders will be ordered based on omnium position with the last placed rider at the front, and the first placed rider at the back. There will be at least ten meters between each rider; however, the race organizer, based on field size and rider ability, may change this.

Matched Sprints

Riders will compete in a single knockout, winner take all matched sprint. Riders will be paired up based on their omnium placement (1v2, 3v4, 5v6…) and the first person across the line after 2 laps is the winner.

Results in this event will be the determinant of the overall Sprinter Cup Classification (ie. The winner of the 1v2 matched sprint will be the overall Sprinter Cup winner, the loser will take second overall).

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