Omnium + Keirin


Register for the Omnium and/or the Keirin Series. You are free to race both.

Ability Levels

There will be three ability levels:

A Category - Men Road Cat 1/2/3
B Category - Men Road Cat 4, Women Road Cat 1/2/3
C Category - Men Road Cat 5, Women Road Cat 3/4/5, Citizens

Choose your level accordingly and consider basing it on your experiences at Track League, etc.

Race Format

We will be running the Endurance Omnium and mix in a Keirin series between Omnium events. Racers are free to race in both the Omnium and Keirin series.

Race Day

Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 09:00


To Be Announced


OM - Omnium
KE - Keirin

When What
Sun. 09:00 Doors Open
09:30 License Check & Open Track
10:00 KE - Flying 200 (C, then B, then A)
  OM - Scratch Races (C, then B, then A)
11:30 KE - 1st Round (C, then B, then A)
  OM - Tempo Races (C, then B, then A)
12:30 Lunch & Open Track
13:30 KE - Repechages (C, then B, then A)
  OM - Elimination Races (C, then B, then A)
14:30 KE - ½ Finals (C, then B, then A)
  OM - Points Races (C, then B, then A)
  KE - Finals (C, then B, then A)
17:00 Podiums

Start times are subject to change, be prepared to remain at the track for most of the day.

Omnium Details

The Omnium format is described here.

Race Distances

Scratch & Tempo

Category Distance Laps
A 10km 30
B 8km 24
C 4km 12


Category Distance Laps Sprints
A 20km 60 10
B 16km 48 8
C 10km 30 5

Keirin Details

Riders compete in a sprint after completing 2.5 laps behind a motorized pacer who will leave the track with 2.5 laps to go (this is for 333.33m tracks).

The number of laps without the motorized pacer shall equal the number of laps behind the motorized pacer.


  • Flying 200 will be used to seed categories (depending on field size)
  • 1st Round - Rider results will determine placement in repechage or ½ finals (depending on field size)
  • Repechage - Top riders will be placed in ½ finals
  • ½ Finals - Two heats, top 3 from each heat to final
  • Finals - Final race for 1-6 placings, everyone else race for 7-12